Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


One of the most popular and fastest growing areas of martial arts in the world. Its basis is wrestling on the ground, as well as painful and suffocating holds.



The classic of martial arts, in which punches are allowed only with hands. Simple as it sounds, it will require a certain level of coordination from you and is a great cardio workout.

Functional training


Aimed at developing strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, agility and endurance. If classes on conventional simulators mainly develop one quality or train one muscle group, then in this direction of training athletes, a balanced development of all physical qualities is ensured.

Group trainings


A large group of up to 30 people fits comfortably in our hall, there will always be an opportunity to work out technical material with different partners and become part of a large community.

Personal trainings


Only you and the coach, the main task is to hone technical points, sort out mistakes or start your journey in a new sport.

Split Trainings


Two wards and a coach. You can take a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend with you to workout. The trainer will have the opportunity to give each individual an individual task.

Mini groups


A group of up to 8 people, in which there is always a partner for practicing and sufficient attention of a trainer.

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